Car Wash

We offer high-pressure car washers that are compact, versatile and powerful. They have excellent cleaning power with high flow & pressure. These machines are perfect in terms of use, mobility and close storage. They have a right combination of motor and pump. This confirms reduced consumption of water and electricity. Our car washers deliver great results without any mess. With advanced pressure technology, they provide complete professional finishing. The equipment offers easy and convenient uses. These machines are made of light and durable material, ensuring their longevity and portability. There is both, vertical and horizontal position. Our high-pressure car washers are engineered for all working conditions. These cleaners offer effective solution for many cleaning tasks.
We bring a perfect line of automatic car wash system. With our innovative equipments, we serve the vehicle wash industry. The equipments are designed to give excellent results in all conditions. They are demanded by professional carwash operators, rental car operators, private workshops, auto dealerships, and others. We work well for automated cleaning businesses, and present energy-efficient, robust and economical car washers. Our car washing systems are developed for easy installations in multiple facilities. They have a longer life with easy and effective operations. Engineered for superior cleaning results, automatic car wash systems clean vehicles completely & effectively. They are great for automobile service stations. The equipment increases work efficiency and productivity both.

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